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I’ve been drawing since I could first hold a crayon. One of my fondest childhood memories was Saturday art class in the basement of the local YMCA. Carole King’s “Tapestry” was playing, and I was laying down my own tapestry of color with paints and brushes, where just white paper had been. I knew then I had found my tribe!

I have worked in every medium imaginable: charcoal and pastel, watercolor, acrylics, acrylic ink, oils, collage, airbrush and spray paint. But I especially love the spontaneity of watercolor. The way the color saturates the paper—creating unpredictable blends and organic textures—makes every piece unique.

My 25 years in graphic design have been an incredible asset. Familiarity with print and production requirements—along with experience collaborating with art directors—make it that much easier to incorporate my art into books, magazines, home décor, stationery and gift items.

If you are interested in discussing an illustration project or licensing my artwork, please contact me. I’d be happy to work together with you to develop your vision into a final product.

Member SCBWI



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